North Kimberley Airport Mission Statement


Our Mission

To provide a superior quality, comprehensive logistic support service through the physical and management assets brought together by the diverse logistics experience. To provide the three main facets of the service, and further prepare for and accommodate future development for the requirements of all clients (internal and external) and associated industries

We will accomplish this with a continuous improvement focus through the development and performance management of our supply bases; that supports our clients’ business requirements, aligned with our goal to help our customers succeed.

Our Goals

The management and staff aim to:

  • Recognise external client needs and develop, implement, manage and monitor the provision of quality products and services to meet those needs.
  • Recognise internal client (staff) needs and develop, implement, manage and monitor the provision of quality practices and procedures to meet those needs.
  • Recognise the importance of, and strive to achieve, a high standard of environmental and economic responsibility.



Our Objectives

Our goals will be achieved through:

  • Continually seeking to expand North Kimberley Airport’s national opportunities.
  • Always striving to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of clients.
  • Marketing products and services that offer clients the very best quality and value for money.
  • Providing employees with a safe workplace, appropriate training and recognition for their efforts.
  • Ensuring that the company remains, at all times, a responsible member of the industries with which it is engaged with regard to economic, occupational health and safety and environmental protection policies.